The foundations of Max India as a group holding company were established in 1984 at Railmajra, Punjab by our founder Mr. Analjit Singh, then a budding entrepreneur. In the nearly three decades since its inception, Max India continuously grew and evolved, transitioning from a pure manufacturing company to a Rs 17,000 crore conglomerate operating in ‘businesses of life’, with a pan-India presence. 

Through this journey, Max Group’s focus on outstanding quality has been consistent and unrelenting. Be it about setting up India's first FDA approved drug intermediate plants or introducing path-breaking technologies like satellite phone, cellular phones in India or setting outstanding service standards in insurance and healthcare. 

In its entrepreneurial journey, Max India focused on building and leveraging relationships with the best in the world, in its relentless pursuit of excellence. Starting off as a manufacturer of penicillin-based drugs, bulk active pharmaceuticals and packaging films, Max India evolved by partnering with global leaders like New York Life, Gist-brocades, Elf Atochem, Hutchison Telecommunications, Motorola, Comsat etc. Max India's key current joint ventures partners include Ltd., Life Healthcare and Bupa Finance Plc and Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.

Max India was demerged in January 2016.